refer a friend

Earn fifty Shoe Bucks by referring a friend to the Shoe Girl website and save on your next purchase.

You'll need to create an account and you'll need to be logged in for the system to keep track of your referrals.

Can't find the button? You need to be on a page that actually features a shoe... click on any category (like alegria clogs), then click on a style (like classic), then select a shoe (like black napa leather classic). Now click on the tell a friend button and, voila, an email gets sent and you're on your way to collecting your Shoe Bucks. You account will be linked to any orders that come from the email that you send the link to regardless of which shoe is purchased and regardless of which shoe you sent. Once your friend places their order and once we ship the shoes we'll deposit fifty Shoe Bucks into your account.

That's how we say thank you at the Shoe Girls!

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